#ebbfmembers platform
#ebbfmembers platform

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ebbf's membership platform allows ethical people building the future to find & accompany each other.

About Us

ebbf is a Baha'i-inspired global community of values-driven individuals, who are exploring and accompanying each other to rethink business, workplaces and economic systems.

ebbf members' ultimate goal is to explore the use of a values-driven foundation in their workplaces to contribute to a more prosperous, just and sustainable civilisation.

ebbf's over 300 events every year spread across the globe, create a rich source of inspiration, the opportunity for you to walk a path of exploration helping you accomplish your goals, gain new insights & find practical support to help you create more meaningful workplaces and careers.

Why You Should Become part of ebbf

Becoming part of the global ebbf community would allow you direct contact with other members of this community and access to its resources, ideas, insights and the opportunity for deep explorations that accompany your path of impact.

This members platform will allow you additional access to the powerpoints, presentations, interactions and articles from past events and exclusive invitation to other member-only events.